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★ often asked

what does bailywick mean?
It’s an old english word that means “area of expertise”
our bailywick, is candle making.

what’s the difference between paraffin wax and soy wax?
paraffin wax is a heavy hydrocarbon that comes from crude oil.
that’s right… CRUDE OIL. think about that for a minute. burning a crude oil by-product to make your home smell better seems somewhat pointless. soy wax contains no petroleum or petroleum by-products.

what is so good about soy wax?
well, the soy wax we use:

is made with pure, 100% natural soybeans.
burns longer, cooler & cleaner without soot buildup.
is made in the USA with domestically grown crops.
is biodegradable & free of pesticides & herbicides.
is made containing NO Genetically Modified Material.
is manufactured meeting FDA & Kosher standards.

does soy wax really burn soot-free?
most “mass-produced” candles are made from paraffin waxes and blends. these “hard” waxes melt at a much higher temperature than soy wax.  in order to generate the temperatures necessary to melt, these candles usually rely on wicks containing a core of either zinc or lead.

that’s right, zinc or lead. these fumes are among the worst offenders to smell & health.
because soy requires a much lower temperature to melt we use 100% coreless cotton wicks. this greatly reduces the carbons released into the air and eliminates the harmful emissions of “wire cored wicks”.
keeping the wick trimmed & centered will ensure your Bailywick Candle a clean healthy burn.

what do you put in your candles to make them smell so good?
our Bailywick Candles are hand poured in micro-batches using pure soy wax blended with all natural essential oils & botanical extracts.

but, part of our secret is what we don’t put in them.
our candles contain no artificial color enhancers or stabilizers, 
because Bailywick Candles are all natural, expect slight variations in colors.

where do you ship to?
we ship anywhere in the US or Canada.

what are your best sellers?
they change seasonally but check out our year-round bestseller list here:  best sellers

any additional questions? send us an email:   questions@bailywickcandles.com

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